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photomosaic About half year before EF15 I was creating my own photomosaic software. There's of course lots of them done before but I like doing things myself and see how they turn out. EF registeration was near at that time so I used EF15 front page image and all my own previous con pictures for testing.

I was very happy with result so I made few prints of it. One big print was on pin board in Ringberg hotel lobby during EF15 convention.

Program used each photograph maximum twice, but even those so that another one is slightly zoomed in. So there isn't any exactly identical photos.
dancesphere Since I had the program now, why not mess around with it. This one I made after the con using EF15 dance and Magic carpet -competition photographs.

Dance pictures are a bit tricky to take. Furries are moving, surrounding light is dim and bright lights turn on and off and move somewhat randomly. Luckily with digital cameras nowadays its easy to take several hundred pictures and then pick those 10 actually good ones from there ;) (I do not actually like this kind of "brute force" photographing but sometimes it is only way.)

As a result I also end up having several hundred average but very colorful photographs. So there they are on left, added to colorsphere :)