About me

I'm furry. If you do not know what furry is, I wonder how did you end up to my page in first place :) But if you wish to know more, Wikipedia's article on furry fandom is a good, neutral place to start finding out. I'm of course many other things too, but this page is about furry side of me.

Short furry history

Hard to say have I always been furry, but at least I've been furry for a long time. I do remember how I loved animal characters in computers games. Starting from rabbit in Samurai Warrior (Commodore 64, 1987) I played the game just because of that character. Then Kattas and Liontaurs in Quest for Glory and finally Khajiits in Morrowind. If just possible, I'm always playing non-human characters in games. When internet arrived, I noticed that I'm not the only one who likes anthropomorphic characters. But then I also realized that I've actually been a furry at least 10 years before I even learned the word "furry".

For a long time I kept very low profile. Until finally, I attended Eurofurence 13 and I must say that I haven't had such a good time in years! I had so good time that I actually attended another furry convention, RBW 2007, just some months later. Now I've been in tens of conventions already. See my photographs from those.

Likes and dislikes

So, what do I like in furry fandom? This is pretty easy: fursuits and non-yiffy furry art. Even though I specify "non-yiffy", this does not mean, that I have something against yiffy-art or people who like that. Everyone is free to like whatever they want :) I just personally prefer cleaner art.

Here's few examples of art for my taste, from several of my favorite artists: Princess (Ashalind), O Fhluir na h-Alba (AlectorFencer), Dream Warrior (Scale), Feracuni (Stefi Heartlilly), Pathfinders Bat Totem (Ultraviolet), Autumn Morning (Maquenda), Christmas Owl (Dolphiana).

Outside furry fandom I of course like nature in general but especially forests! Have you ever been in forest at the middle of the night? I mean in deep forest, no car sounds echoing from the distance or something like that. Go there, sit down and listen. Dark forests may be slightly frightening sometimes, but it's still so beautiful feeling to be there all alone. For some reason I love it when I feel separated from rest of the world.

And then there's of course computers and programming. I like to do things by myself, my gallery for example is "homemade" from the scratch.

If there is something I don't like, it is selfish and double-faced people and all kind of unnecassary drama.

What does Kamuniak mean?

Kamuniak means Blessed One. Original Kamuniak (or Kamunyak) was lioness living in Kenya. She became famous by adopting 5 oryx calves and protecting them from other lions and other predators. Kamuniak-lioness was last sighted in 2003. I saw a document about it shortly after this and I think this is definitely most beautiful animal story ever.

My fursona is not a lion and not female :) But I liked the name "Kamuniak" and I loved how weirdly kind creature that lioness was. I totally love characters, real or fictional, who seem to be unusually kind or good. Also, sometimes I have that feeling that I'm too weird for this world. I bet Kamuniak-lioness had that same feeling many times...


What is my fursona then? For very, very long time that was uncertain. If someone asked this, my answer was "something between snow leopard and wolf". Yet, I also like dragons very much. Most likely there isn't such animal in real world that would reflect my fursona perfectly. I made furry test once and its result was Wolf: You can be distant at times, but always enjoy the company of your carefully selected packmates. Well, that's me all right :)

But still after all that I ended up to bat. Anthro fruit bat to be exact, I have much human like characteristics also. Bat feels good. I have good hearing and I like listening. Quite often I actually close my eyes and just listen what is happening around me. I also like night and darkness generally. And wings, awesome for hugging! Echolocating would be definitely fun too :)

For a while I was still bit uncertain about my fursona, I was thinking that maybe people think bats as creepy little rodents. But after AlectorFencer made first picture of my character, I knew that's me:

After that, dozens of pictures are made of my character. Here's some of them, I like it how different style they all are:


You can click the images to see original.

Other pages

I have Mastodon @kamuniak@finfur.net, Bluesky @kamuniak.bsky.social and Twitter @KamuBat. Many of these are most active during and after conventions since I'm posting lots of my own photographs.

I also have Fur Affinity page which have been inactive for quite a while now. I still check my messages and browse art there occasionally.

Even older is my Livejournal account where I used to write. Mostly photograph and convention related writings, but also some random thoughts and things happening. About half of my LJ entries are "friends only". But if someone I've met IRL really wants to be my Livejournal friend still, I'll add them :D


Feel free to contact if there's anything on your mind.